Creative's Workshop 2020

Windmill Slayer

Quixotic, huh?

21. Idiosyncrasy is a virtue

It’s hard to spell and hard to do, but it’s essential…

Prompt: When you sound like you, what do you sound like?

What’s your calling card, your reason for being in the culture, the thing that makes this entire journey worthwhile for you and those that choose to go on the journey with you…

If you aren’t sure, act as if. Or ask three friends to share what they think you sound like when you sound like you.

I took the last sentence to heart, so I decided to ask three different friend groups what they think of me.



The common theme I see trending is the prose that I have dreams, but I have yet to accomplish them. In an earlier daily, I lamented that I mentally felt trapped at Floor 1. To be verbose, being at Floor 1 means I haven’t gone anywhere with my life. I haven’t succeeded in the grand challenge to get to the next floor, and for the longest time I agonized over why I felt this way. Just writing this prompt response made realize what I was missing.

I never set a goal. :man_facepalming:

I was always so caught in the idea of making my dreams come true, I never stopped to ground them in the reality required to bring them to life.

So from this post onward, I decided.

Once I make my first virtual reality application, I will have gotten to Floor 2. The app doesn’t have to be popular, amazing, refined, or anything special to get from one floor to the next. All I have to do is earn the VR in @mtfallsVR.


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