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Why Go on a Quest?

Reason living.

[quote=”Chen, post:217, topic:27179”] Any principles for creating a grand quest? [/quote]

I know I can always rely on you to ask the tough questions, Chen :wink:

Pro2 Day 54: Why Go On A Quest?

It could be akin to maybe a higher purpose, a higher calling, but a lot of quests start small. They HAVE to, because you as the quest-taker must have the confidence within yourself to complete whatever is asked of you.

Another main facet of quests: the reward incentive. In games, it’s as simple as monetary incentive. Sometimes you get important items or equipment. Other times you just gain reputation with the quest giver, or level up in a personal ability.

What makes the quest grand? The feeling that the quests you complete add up and mean something in a event larger than yourself. That’s where I will truly flex my creative storytelling muscles.

Right now my focus in on the second bullet: incentive. Unfortunately I am not a dispensary of currency or legendary relics, but there are lots of things we can gain that are ethereal but absolutely priceless. Can you name one or two, Chen? :wink: (Partnerships with dispensaries of currency or legendary relics are not out of the question, though!)

Imagine being able to reward something meaningful at the completion of question. Confidence, empathy, friendship, understanding of self and the others around us, being able to view the world with a wider lens, the list goes on… my challenge to myself is making it happen via my VR experiences.

I will still drill down on this further, but THANK YOU SO MUCH as usual Chen for the extra OOMPH in my journey!

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