Creative's Workshop 2020

Where Thoughts Should(?) Go

Do emotions hold you back?


[quote=”lainastanford, post:115, topic:27179”] Keep on baking in the bathroom. You will get it right soon enough. [/quote]

thank your the kind and inspiring words, Laina :heart_eyes:

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Today is gonna be a quickie, thank your creators for this rare privilege bestowed by me.

I will try my best to catch up on pings by tomorrow!

Pro2 Day 37: Where Thoughts Should(?) Go

While spinning this workshop and several other plates, two of the more prominent plates are a book named Crucial Conversations and a course for cryptocurrency investing. Crucial Conversations is about having richer relationships with others, and the crypto course is about becoming physically richer lol (If i can make enough to quit my 9-5, I can finally work on my craft full-time!). Despite being rather dissimilar topics, they have more in common then I anticipated, namely what I will call emotional flux.

If you let your emotions take over in important conversations, you will say or do the wrong things.

If you let your emotions take over in volatile investments, you will make the wrong decisions.

In other words, your emotions are holding you back.

But I don’t want to believe that. An artist

Acts on inspiration, not desperation.

Runs on emotion, not intellect.

So I’m left asking myself

who should I really be,

and where should my thoughts go.

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