Creative's Workshop 2020

When the Ocean Meets the Horizon

I like water.

@lainastanford @sabweld @Chen @michellebasey ahhh you all are such lovely people, i feel humbled to have gotten such insightful responses! i’m REALLY keyed up now about exploring the internal balance of emotion and thought, but ill pocket itshat theme for later.

another short-ish one for today, i’m just so… unprofessional on weekends content-wise

Day 38: When the Ocean Meets the Horizon

I like water. I like drinking it, swimming it, walking alongside it, reflecting in front of large pools of it, and hopefully one day riding on it because @DerekDodds has hyped up surfing so much.

I also like my friends. But my friends are very much unlike me. They work on and worry about things that seem so distant to me now, but are absolute experts in realms I could only only dream of.

I also like my time. A lot of extroverted people are truly suffering because they feel so alone in social isolation. I only feel alone when I’m not working on my goals. And when I work on my goals, times goes by too quick. I’m happy I make progress, but I’m sad I get to spent less time with friends.

What I seek now thanks to all of your awesome advice is some road between. Striking a fine balance between friend time and me time.

So today I carved out some time to meet some old friends in Georgetown, a cute little neighborhood on the outskirts of Washington, D.C and by the water’s edge. When I walk by the water, I get humbled by the sheer size of it. It’s almost a too-literal metaphor of the ocean of possibilities that lie inside all of us. It gives me peace and tranquility, and unwinds me just a smidgeon.

The water is also nice because it gives you something to look at. There are very few things in life you can stare at endlessly and still hold a half-decent conversation.

Somewhere out in this distance, I lose myself. I may be with my friends physically, but emotionally, I’m leagues away. And I get too caught up wondering where the time goes and wondering if this is the place I should be. The sun disappears beyond the ocean’s edge, and once again I left alone in the dark with only my thoughts to keep my wandering and wondering. image|690x388

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