Creative's Workshop 2020

Two Sentence Story

The time I became a fridge.

Pro2 Day 41: 2 Sentence Story

On Tuesdays my writing group meets in Virtual Reality, so I spend a lot more time listening than writing. Today we discussed the idea of how plots are structured, and our group leader gave us the following challenge: write the beginning of a story with only two sentences.

Sentence 1: Introduce the character and their normal life. Sentence 2**: Have something happen to the character that forces them to change.

My take on my refrigerator story from here!

Regi was living an uninspiring and uneventful life alone in the city, where the only pleasure he received was the leftover fast foods he purchased the day prior. One fateful day, his beloved refrigerator falls and crushes him to death, and once he reawakens, finds himself turned into a fridge!

Beginning of story below if I happened to hooked you!

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