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Who do you say you are?

16. Fitting in, but not too much

If you’re waiting for the muse…

Can you outline the borders of the genre you seek to work within? In jazz, you could say: Between Miles, Christian McBride and Brad Mehldau is a triangle of a certain style. Or in thrillers, you could draw a box with people like Brad Thor or Paula Hawkins at various corners.

Prompt: How do you define your genre? Can you share a shard of it as you describe where it fits in, what it rhymes with? Would an outsider who doesn’t know you (but knows the genre) agree with you?

How do you describe yourself? The question can be answered as simply as looking at your social media bio!

[Oct 27, 2018] twit1|281x500 I wonder what is was I was thinking on this day. What was the battle I faced immediately ahead? What was the fate I wanted to challenge and overcome?

The profile picture is Kirito, the main character of Sword Art Online, and the header picture was from one of my favorite scenes in Black Clover. A single sentence cannot justify why Kirito resonates with me so well as a character, but I’ll try my best here: he is the everyday man forced into the hero role, and instead of turning away from his duty despite his internal turmoil and imposter syndrome, overcomes it all because he has something he needs to be and something he needs to protect.

[Nov 13, 2018] twit2|281x500

I wonder what is was I was thinking on this day. What happened to the challenger of fate I used to be not even a month prior? Where had I failed, and why was I letting that stop me for going on further?

The profile picture is Mariella from Black Clover, and she resonated with me as being a “victim of fate”. We believed that there was only one path, and we followed down it despite every fiber of our being wishing we didn’t have to. After a choice meeting with the character from the banner, a new insight is brought to life. Maybe we do have more choices then we realize.

[Aug 10, 2020] The Date of My First Daily!

twit3|632x500 I know what is was I was thinking on this day. I decided to dust off an old dream, and decided to change my path from a consumer to a producer. I wanted to tell a story: my story, the story of others, the story of the world at large, and the story of words yet to be.

This profile picture is Meteora from Re:Creators. Re:Creators is an love letter to the anime creation process where characters from fictional works come to life, and the authors of these characters must come to terms with how their work quite literally impacts the world around them. Meteora resonates with me for more reasons than I care to admit in a single post, and is the basis for who I want the main character to be in my dailies. She is a fictional character who wants to also create and become an author, and armed with her Book of One Thousand Miles, turns her words into reality.

The Genre In Which I Lie

Two neat little observations from this post:

1) I NEVER specify the type of person I am in my Twitter Bio. As much as I love playing videogames, walking my dog, eating pizza, developing software code, etc etc I NEVER make it a point to specify that. Why? I know my worth, and I am so much more than the things I do. It’s the things I can and want to be that I find so much more interesting. This ravenous nature to keep learning more allows me to be a Walker Between Worlds and explore genres I find interesting, intersect them with myself, and build a bridge between these genres, each other, and myself.

2) The number of people I follow rises from 1,869 accounts in 2018 to 3,484 accounts in 2019. The amount of people one follows and the amount of people that follow you mean various things to a variety of personalities, but for me, following over 3,000 people means I had the chance to interface with over 3,000 personalities since my Twitter account creation in 2013. Something about their account resonated with me, and in an act of support I decided to follow them because why not? Unfortunately, the Twitter algorithm is absolute garbage and only recycles the same 20 recent accounts you follow because those are your most recent interactions. And with so many people to follow, it seems overwhelming to even interact with a fraction of them regularly. Which leads to my final insight…

This is social media, right? Well, as it turns out, I was missing the social part! I was apprehensive to approach anyone online for a myriad of baseless excuses, and through this workshop alone I realize the magic in creating only comes with your interactions and collisions with others. It’ll take some time, but I’m gonna trim down the people I follow, and settle with those who have something I want, and where I can offer something in return. These people will be my tribe, centered around the same genre we all gravitate towards.

What is the genre, you ask? What did all of my twitter bios have in common from this small sample selection?

The Journey to Becoming a Hero!

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