Creative's Workshop 2020

Trust Part 1

Who do you trust?

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Pro2 Day 44: Trust Part 1

Joined the student huddle today :open_hands: Met the animated @athenakatsaros and the lively @laurasanto and had a great talk about trust today.

For those that didn’t join, here are the quick notes:

  • Scott proposed the question: who do you trust? (take a quick pause to muse on this yourself)
  • Scott continues: trust, just like empathy, is one of those things that is easy to practice towards others, but hard to practice within ourselves.
  • What does it mean to trust yourself?
    • Scott gives funny anecdote: Did you take the Seth Godin Akimbo workshop for learning how to walk as a toddler? No! Your body just knew what it had to do, and you trusted yourself enough to see it through.

Where Do We Draw the Line

This one’s gonna be rough. :cold_sweat:

Who Do You Trust?

I am on good terms with a lot of people, maybe even good friends. If I conduct the “good friend” test (who would I be willing to call in the middle of the night to pick me up after my car breaks down, without shame?), a couple of names pop up.

Then I asked myself a harder question: who would I be willing to cry in front of?

I drew immediate blanks. I couldn’t even put my own name down.


The ever-logical side of me wanted to stipulate that getting picked up in the middle of the night and getting a shoulder to cry on are two different realities. Two different burdens. Two different trust paradigms.

But that still didn’t answer the question of why?

I drew deeper, thinking of instances where I shorted my trust of others, and hilariously the only ones that bubbled up the lake of conscious thought were times I was called out for those very actions.

Why didn’t you call me? I would have gladly driven you to the airport! Why did you literally go out of your way and take 2 extra hours using public transport?

Because I didn’t think you would say yes.

Because I didn’t want to waste your time and be a burden.

Because I didn’t want to rely on anyone but myself.

Why do you always go out of your way to help others, but never look to those same people when you’re in need?

I… don’t have an answer for that.

Damn, these mental deep dives sting. They’re opening up emotional wounds I didn’t even know I had.

…I like it though.

These questions were long overdue, and just like my craft, I don’t want to stop while I have the momentum going. The worst that can happen… is that I stay exactly where I already am. But what happens when I finally lower the walls down, open the drawbridge of trust, and see who enters?

Now that is a new story worth exploring.

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