Creative's Workshop 2020

The Ripple of the Dragon's Breath

Cascading thoughts come to fruition.

Today I wrote a long piece on Akimbo and accidently deleted it, so now I’m fuming :anger: (@scott plz send halp and tutorials)

Gonna make it a point to save my drafts on notepad or something…

Anyway here’s the abridged version:

Full disclosure: I wrote yesterday’s piece as a “whatever” because I wanted to not lose my streak. Upon reflection, it was… not half bad. It’s a story waiting to be told, so I’ll go back and do just that when the opportunity presents itself. Some favorite takeaways:

Day 38: When the Ocean Meets the Horizon

The title of the piece succintly hit the theme home: being too caught up with the grandness of your creative potential will always fall prey to the setting sun (running out of the time) I do not agree. While I appreciate that this workshop is pushing and growing us by shipping 7 days a week, we need regular rest and breaks. It’s not unprofessional. Other people, other part of life need your best output too.

Laina’s lovely feedback helped ground me in the sense that my friends are what ground me to reality. It’s important to strike a balance, so here is today’s daily…

The Ripple of the Dragon’s Breath When I have a chance to catch up on notifications (@dragon makes this an absolutely brutal but enjoyable process), sometimes I notice recurring themes rippling through various creator’s dailies. Here are some cool recent ones I stumbled across:

The Importance of Books In the theme of striking a balance, I’ve lost value in books in lieu of the convenience of e-readers. These dailies helped me realize there are some things you cannot afford to substitute for convenience: Daily 42 - Oh it’s that magic number. What’s up with books? This daily is part of a discussion homework we have as part of the @wildcat group. I’m ecstatic as I don’t need to come up with a topic on my own and can just ramble. And it seems ramble I did see_no_evil! What is the future of books? What makes a good book? What are the future balancing factors of primary media: internet, blogs, podcasting, television, books, magazines, radio Disclaimer - this is based on my own opinion, didn…

Day 39 LISBON [1998CAM_2019_06_07_20_41_10_FN] I love books, but compared to my friends, I’m a slow reader. I’ve never finished a book in a day. Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours on the internet watching videos on productivity and speed reading. I’ve tried keeping my eyes in the middle of the page. I’ve tried taking in the entire line without having to move my eyes side to side. I’ve ran my finger fast across the page and followed it to no avail. So I read slowly. My relationship w…

Stuck in a Prison of Pixels? [image] Are your eyes stuck in a prison of pixels? Are you still reading on your phone, tablet, or even (eww) a computer screen? Are things like battery life, mobile data speeds, eye-strain, and boot-up times making reading a chore? What if there was a technology that’s instantly on, doesn’t require charging, and doesn’t hurt your eyes? And what if I told you this technology costs a fraction of what you’d pay for an iPhone or Kindle, and vendors are willing to l… Creativity Filling the Void You can be surrounded by others and still feel alone. If others don’t necessarily make you feel fulfilled, what can?

When the day looks dark as the night. It looks like we’re losing the fight. Loneliness seems to envelop like a black blanket Creativity, in many forms, is the only spark that’s needed.

A lot of extroverted people are truly suffering because they feel so alone in social isolation. I only feel alone when I’m not working on my goals.

Maybe Pravin and I are onto something.

Loving Yourself In a theme propagating around the workshop and arguably perfected by @annastone in this daily, you realize once you truly and unapologetic love yourself, especially the parts you find most difficult to accept, does a new kind of magic start spilling out to the world. Day 32 There is magic that lives inside of you [real, electrifying, beautiful magic] Inside of you there is a heart that loves. A heart that feels what it means to be alive. Inside of you there is a mind filled with ideas, opinions, hopes, and dreams that fuel a life of meaning. Inside of you there are setbacks and missed steps that have made you stronger; experiences that have taught you what it means to be courageous, how to have a resilient spirit, and what it means to be unbelievably kind. … Caught Up in Perfectionism Not shipping because of being lazy is bad. Not shipping because of not being content is probably just as bad! Just do your best, because something is always better than nothing.

The part that I don’t find worth emulating is that he was spread so thin across all his interests that he notoriously couldn’t finish anything. Couple that with crippling perfectionism, and the boy just couldn’t ship. Leonardo famously died with La Gioconda (aka Mona Lisa) still in his possession after 17 freakin’ years of tinkering .

Integration you asked me about ‘mechanisms’ . I’ve used the concept - first learned from Jim Collins in his infamous book: Good to Great many times in different venues. It’s about putting your values or your strategy into a system that works automatically to reinforce & promote what you want to see happen in a systemic way.

Carol writes some IMMENSELY fascinating stuff and I feel like it’s not getting the attention it deserves. To properly do my VR craft, I need to figure out some nice interaction paradimes and stories that really cement the themes I want my players to take away with them. And finally…

VR ??? I feel like I have been disingenuously lazy with using the VR part of my namesake @mtfallsVR . There is a lot of potential in this area, and I have been somewhat avoiding trying to create in this realm because I was too caught up in the grandess of writing stories. I gotta strike a balance to figure out how I can bring out the best in both mediums to create something truly neat!

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