Creative's Workshop 2020

The Return of Two Heroes

A dream is worth less than nothing if you have no one to share it with.

Pro2 Day 12: The Return of Two Heroes

In my Daily #2, I was leaning towards making the main character of El Valedor a white-haired female minority based on my my collective experiences and desire to normalize both of these demographics as protagonist . After about two weeks of dailies, my world has begun to evolve. Though I’m still invested in creating El Valedor, I decided to switch the main character from one to two, and to switch the main character from a permutation of myself to permutations of two of the most important people in my life, my parents. I’m thankful that they are still with me thus far, but in this earlier daily I became eerily aware that this is not always going to be the case. There is a saying that when someone truly dies, it is is not when they leave the physical world, but rather when the last time their name is ever uttered. In essence, so long as a person’s memory is preserved, they will always be with us.

Since both my parents are largely influential to my life and are the only two people I really consider my personal heroes, I decided to make the first larger tale in El Valedor about their upbringing in an increasingly politically unstable environment and their individual decisions to flee to somewhere better, their initial meeting, their separation as they come to terms with their personal trials and tribulations, and uniting once more to conquer their trials together. One of my absolute favorite videogames, Shadow of Valentia, follows this premise very closely, and has been the only story I have consumed that features dual protagonists.


The other reason I’m going to hold back on finalizing the details of my personal character is, I’m still developing myself! I’m still really early in my career and in my lifetime goals, and I want to slow down to take a minute to see what the others around me are doing, understand their viewpoints, and mesh all my favorite parts together to make some really realistic and memorable characters.

I’ve also alluded that as much as I am going to focus primarily on the world of El Valedor, there is a second place that my dual protagonists will flee to at the end of their tale. A place where the people are in union with one another as fellow states… and what will the larger overarching world be called?

Tempest Crossing.

For my collaborators over at @homeroom11 and @dragon, what are some stories you have consumed that feature dual protagonists? What parts did you like, dislike, and what was the most memorable part of the whole tale?

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