Creative's Workshop 2020

The Return of Darkness

The abyss is always calling.

Pro2 Day 18: The Return of Darkness

Today I woke up late for the first time in weeks since I started the workshop.

Another long night on the job, another longer night spent on an illusion.

Spending time on a faker in order to fulfill myself the empty holes of my soul.

But a person full of holes can never hope to make me whole.

And for just a brief second, I lose my role.

I forget what I came here to do.

I let the old fears of yesterday trickle back in, and all I see are graying hues.

Inside I begin raging, at letting myself get back to where I never wanted to return.

Then I stop.

And I breathe.

I remember… why I was so happy in the first place.

Because what I was looking for, was not something that the people around me could provide.

It was the online strangers far and wide who wanted their voices to be heard, and create something new for the world.

And light began to flood in once more.


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