Creative's Workshop 2020

The (Literal) First Step

Accountability is a two-way street.

23. Make Change Happen

How to know if your voice is carrying…

Prompt: You’ve defined who your work is for–now what’s the change you seek to make? If the person you seek engages with your work, what will happen? Be specific.

“Oscar, you always have such crazy ideas. But I love how passionate you are about them! It makes me feel like… you will definitely realize the changes you want to see.”

“Really? I don’t feel like my ideas are so outlandish… but what about you?”

“What about me?”

“A journey’s no fun if you have to walk the path alone. Come on, there has to be at least one thing you wish you were doing better in life.”

“Well… I do wish I could wake up earlier. I fee like… I sleep way too much.”

“Why not taking a morning jog? Especially before the sun rises. When I do it, there is something magical about seeing the day unravel before your eyes.”

“I don’t really run per say… but sure, I’ll give it a go. Is waking up early to walk okay?”

Some time later… IMG_2031|381x500


Accountability is a two-way street :sweat_smile:


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