Creative's Workshop 2020

The Drift King of the East

The mountain downhill calls.

Day 24: The Drift King of the East

A stranger in a strange land, yet my goal was all the same. The leather of the seats, the crisp air of the mountain, and the purring of my engine as I was ready to take flight. I gripped the wheel tightly, my heart almost pounding out of my chest, and made a final glance to the view on my right. My opponent was unphased, as if she had ridden down this trail millions of times prior. Damn. I kinda wish I hadn’t looked. Regardless, the moment of truth had finally arrived.

I was still one second, and then flying down the mountain pass the next. Th orange tapestry of the forest in fall became a painter’s palette of a blur as all I could focus on was the road immediately ahead. Turn after turn we jostled for the lead, trading gravel, burned rubber, and close calls to the rusted guardrail and the ancient face of the mountain. One mistake could end it all as I briefly imagined tumbling off the mountain and into the great unknown, transitioning from a silent glide to the loudest crash and crumple. But I did not imagine that as I knew I was the best. I was the toughest racer from my hometown, and I would prove it here and now in this race.

“And that, is the story of how I beat the little girl at that arcade racing machine while I was abroad in Beijing,” I grinned from ear-to-ear as I regaled the story of my greatest triump to my inquistive acquaintance.

“…That’s it? That’s the only memorable thing you did in China?”

“I mean, I did other stuff too, I was just really excited to beat someone at a game on their own turf…”

“I’m hardly inclined to believe that you are good at racing games, much less at beating others at said racing games, when you drive like such shite in real life. Honestly, how does someone like you even get away with legally having a driver’s license?”

I scratched the back of my neck and sheepishly accepted the jab I could not refute in pride.


The prompt for Thursday’s meeting will be the same as for our Monday one: Write a story about yourself. What if your biggest strenght was ten times stronger… bigger… better… like a superpower. Write a small story about yourself in action, using your superpower. and do your magic in less than 400 words.

I took the @dragon’s weekly prompt and kinda ran away with it in a different direction :rofl:

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