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Stress and Tension: Prelude

Dualism and the choice to have an easy life.

Day 79: Stress and Tension: Prelude

Taking a quick breather today, I’ve been running on fumes for probably two weeks and in theme with my last daily of not letting my “ever-so important” tasks run me ragged, I’m taking the afternoon off. I get fidgety when I spend even a whole day “not doing something”, so I’m going to try a half day and see how that fares.

Biggest highlight of today was meeting the @wildcat where we had a nourishing deep-dive on this week’s topic and I have three new favorite words now: stress, tension, and dualism (all stemming from the conversation regarding uncertainty).

Biggest lowlight of today was staying up until 1am to finish my homework, then having the fire alarm in my apartment complex go off at 3am for 30 minutes and being forced to evacuate into the cold rain for no explanation. Same day I move out of the apartment too, how uncanny :upside_down_face:.

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