Creative's Workshop 2020

Secret Antarctica Society

A frozen utopia.

5. What’s it all for? (What does it look like when it works?)

What does it look like when it is successful…

It’s a lot easier to find your voice if you know where to look for it. What exactly would it look like if you succeeded? How far do you need to go?

Prompt: There are ends and there are means. Is getting your book published or your song on the radio the point? Is it the end?

When it works, what will ‘it’ look like? What does a good day entail, specifically. Is it about acclaim, awareness, trust, income, respect, status, the process… What will you trade to get what you seek?

You came here because you want to produce a play or have a show in a gallery or publish a book. You want to be a professional being creative. But why?

If it works, what do you get?

If you could get that a different way, would you? Could you?

A good day? A good month? Why?

Tell us about it. Everything you do know and can see. We know these are tough questions. Messy and imperfect posts are encouraged.

A Quick Summary:

Hobbies: I have lots! But most revolve around competition because it’s thrilling to see where you stand against opponents in the world.

Job: I write code

Career: I (hopefully) write code for stuff that I feel is important to be developed

Vocation: ???

In terms of a divine calling, I’ve always had this weird notion as a kid that I should create a super secret society in a remote part of the world where no one could bother us. I would have a secret task force scattered and traveling across the world, searching for new potential candidates to be invited to my Secret Antarctica Society (the most remote place I could think of as a kid). We would develop a community where anyone could have any job, and we would always be helping one another because that’s the right thing to do as neighbors. I wonder where this notion really came from? It’s not like I had a terrible upbringing in the cookie cutter suburbs. Maybe just a tad too boring.

Fast-forward 20 years later, and I still have this nagging feeling that I want to start my own community with similar intent. Reality hits a quite a bit harder now, and the obviously big limitation is how much funding can I procure and constantly generate when everyone is just doing whatever the heck they want! My Secret Antarctica Society has to take a bit of a lateral shift if it is still to become a reality, and now my dream is to become an entrepreneur who can self-fund himself through his creative crafts, and teach others to do the same thing so we can stop just existing and finally start living.

Wait a minute… this sounds just a bit like what Seth is doing right now, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

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