Creative's Workshop 2020


Watching the storm unravel.

Day 19: Rain

Rain is a really weird phenomenon.

For just a brief moment, the world changes.

On most days the clouds come and go, greeting us with various shapes as they make their endless journey across the sky.

Sometimes the sky darkens, and the heavens themselves assault us with a liquid barrage like the world has never seen.

An unstoppable tempest to tear everything apart we know and love, which all suffer the same indiscriminatory fate to drown.

And yet…

The same storms give us life. They are a welcome guest in the worlds that are ever-dry.

They create life instead of eradicating it. We sing and dance to praise and welcome the wet winds.

And sometimes it just rains to rains. A strange absence of clouds of the sky, yet we are showered by the sun’s radiant rays mixing with the miniature mirrors briefly passing by all around us.

The sound of rain brings the whole world to a halt, and closing my eyes I can thing back to the times where I would sit on my porch, watching the water dance across the pavement and wondering what would happen after the storm finally passes.

Dialogue & Discussion