Creative's Workshop 2020

Personal Offsite

Time away from you, for you.

Day 57: Personal Offsite

Going to be a short daily, long day at work and my brain is about to ooze out of my ears >.>

Joined a Self-Development Zoom Meeting and the speaker was talking about personal offsite. Here are some slides I snagged with my camera :^) These uploaded backwards so uhhhhhh read from bottom to top I guess? IMG_2148.PNG|690x388 IMG_2147.PNG|690x388 IMG_2146.PNG|690x388 IMG_2144|690x388 IMG_2143.PNG|690x388 IMG_2142.PNG|690x388 IMG_2141.PNG|690x388 IMG_2140.PNG|690x388 IMG_2139.PNG|690x388 IMG_2138.PNG|690x388

The more these days drag on, the more I realize how important it is to take care of your mental health. The idea of the quarterly personal offsite sounds amazing, and going offsite with up to 3 other people you immensely trust can break down a lot of the personal limitations we didn’t know we had by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.

Indigenous People’s day is coming up, why not schedule an offsite on that day?

:thinking: Hmm… why not indeed…

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