Creative's Workshop 2020

Oh Saturdays, How I Hate Thee

Saturdays suck.

Taking a small break from building out the world of El Valedor to address a topic near and dear to my heart

Pro2 Day 5: Oh Saturdays, How I Hate Thee

For a brief moment, we are released

From the chains of the weekday, all its pressures deceased

But all the time we waste working for someone else’s dreams

To put ours on hold, and make our bodies and souls weak

And the clock keeps chiming

And to myself I keep lying

That tomorrow, I will take the first step

And things will finally start turning for me.

Why can’t everyday be like Saturday

No pressure, no worries, just me, my craft, and good friends.

But since Saturday is but only a day,

And I must make the choice to spend on friends, dreams, or responsibilities.

I get burned no matter what I do.

But most of all,

We’re all just candlestick wicks with our ends drawing near,

Because time is the fire in which we all burn.

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