Creative's Workshop 2020

Mists of the Mind

Remembering you.

Pro2 Day 47: The Mists of the Mind

Joined the @dragon’s zoom call today, told stories with the amazing cast of @rolandkoronya @madebyal @laurasanto @chrispawar @iankellett and especially the heroine of the witching hour, @nogha! Here are my writings from today’s session!

Prompt 1 -> Theme: Headlights

Me showing up late to the meeting and waiting for Roland to let me into the zoom room

Prompt 2 -> Use One Color to Describe The Situation (5 minutes)

The air is still, and I have no idea where I am.I am alone in a space, devoid of darkness, but not overwhelmed with light. In this empty space, a mist begins to envelop me. Denser and denser the fog becomes, clouding my vision until all I see are waves of gray. I peer out into the distance, somewhere, anywhere, to find something with meaning, and grant definition to my isolation in the abyss. But there is no one to save me. Eventually the fog becomes too much to bear, and and I lose my sense of self. The last I remember is the dull gray mist canvasing the rest of my field of view, and suddenly, nothingness.

Prompt 3 -> Create a Dialogue That Adds to the Mystery (5 Minutes)

“Another lost soul, huh,” I hear a voice faintly in the gray waves of the mist before me.

“That’s the third one this week. Yikes, it must be pretty bad over there if they keep sending souls over to this side. “

Over there? Souls? This side? What was this voice talking about?

“Ah, it seems as though I have finally found you. Open your eyes, lost lamb, for everything will be okay now.”

Open? My eyes were already open, what could this voice be prattling on about?

“Oh, it seems as though you are conscious, but not yet awake. Come to your senses and focus. Clear the mists of your mind and open your heart to my voice.”

I had no idea what any of this mean, but I tried my best to follow along. Slowly but surely, the gray waves of the mist began to disperse as I single-mindedly focused on the voice somewhere before me. Before I knew it, a kind and gentle warmth began to well up inside of me.

I open my eyes, and there before me I see the most elegant and regal figure I could ever imagine.

“Glad you could finally join us, hero.”



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