Creative's Workshop 2020

I'll Start This Tomorrow When I Have Time

Tomorrow never comes, if we don't start today.

Our choice: The journey and the commitment (no burnt pizza)

100 Days of Showing Up

The commitment is to begin where we are.

Not to seek perfection.

Nor to wait to be picked.

There’s a process available to each of us, and the process involves finding those we seek to serve and then creating generous work that will connect with them.

Work that’s lovable.

Work that would be missed if we didn’t create it.

But we don’t have to be perfect, or for everyone.

The process lights a path forward. The process involves committing to showing up for those we seek to connect with, to understand the promise they expect or hope for, and then to persistently and generously show up.

The goal is to find a minimum lovable product, and a path to build on that…

  • Find the smallest viable audience, the people you need and want to delight/change/serve.
  • Figure what will resonate with them (easier said then done).
  • Ship the work.
  • Repeat.

And that is how you develop your creative voice.

  • Choosing to work in a specific genre.
  • Choosing to show up.
  • Choosing to share what you created with others.
  • Choosing to do it even when you don’t feel like doing it.
  • There are two paths forward in this workshop:
  1. The dailies.
  2. The prompts.

The dailies are your chance to show up every single day with a new piece of work. If you’re a writer, share some writing. If you’re a songwriter, share a lyric. If you’re working on becoming a public speaker, share a video.

Every day. Short is fine. Rough is fine. Every day.

The prompts come three times a week. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we release a new prompt. Each prompt challenges you to push yourself to think about your work and where you’re heading with it. Hopefully, it will inform your dailies as you go.

To get the most out of the prompts, respond with your thoughts on the discussion board for that prompt. Then find three other people who have posted and respond to their posts as well. This 3:1 ratio creates a magic environment of connection, and you’ll quickly find that you get far more than you put into this workshop.

For the prompts, we recommend planning an hour or two to work through each one.

Today, on day one, all we’re asking you to do is make a commitment to the process. Commit to doing the prompts and commit to your dailies.

Share your commitment here.

To start: Write a short post about why being a part of this workshop matters to you and post it on this discussion board 208. Include a link to your Dailies thread. To post, click +New Topic in the upper right corner and then click +Create New Topic when you’re ready to post.

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.” — Picasso

Here we go.

“I’ll Start This Tomorrow When I Have Time”

The same knowing lie that I tell myself everyday when I put my dreams on pause. The urgency of this neglect is starting to burn with each passing day where I realize I will never be as young and strong as I was yesterday. A million and one excuses on why I can’t start today, but just from being in this workshop for less than a week, I can feel like something is going to be different here.

That something is accountability and community. Achieving your dreams alone is hard, and no heroic story has only one character.


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