Creative's Workshop 2020

Growing Up and Growing Out

We all grow up eventually.

Pro2 Day 7: Growing Up and Growing Out

For years, I used to think that being born somewhere and growing up with nearby neighbors was some sort of astral connection. There was reason we are all here at the same time, so we should just let fate take the reins, yeah? In that belief, I unintentionally shrunk my world to only witness what was occurring immediately around me. The smaller your world gets, the more you feel as though you need to “fit in” or else face the worst fate of all for the social beings that are human beings: ostracization and isolation.

As it turns out, this world is a lot bigger than my small little hometown. And the more I learn about the wilder world, the more I get increasingly frustrated with how those immediately around me fail to see the glamour and glitz of what could be more. Instead of gearing up to explore whatever’s out there, we get into pointless arguments and create a rift between what once was a solid bridge of bonds. The easy solution to would to cut ties immediately and let former friends fend for themselves in their small corner of existence.

But something tells this isn’t the right choice, and that we were once friends for a reason. Even if we can’t be on terms like we were before, I feel as though we can at least recognize each other’s viewpoints and respectably disagree with them.

I wonder if there is a way I can inspire my old neighbors to see the world that excites me through my eyes.

I wonder if there is a way I can get out of my own shoes and even get a glimpse at why they choose to stay.

I wonder if there is any point to dwell on this any longer.

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