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21. Idiosyncrasy is a virtue

The outside world has given us a microphone…

Prompt: When you tell ten people, what happens?

Is it the people you’re choosing, the enrollment they have in your journey, or the work itself? Have you tried with other people? A different sort of enrollment? What would it mean to you personally to switch your work, to switch it to something that didn’t come from the muse but came from generosity instead? When people talk about your work, what do they say? And what will it take for you to have a true fan? What will it take for them to tell the others? Act as if.

Or the longer title, Give-Before-You-Receive-But-Make-Sure-To-Ask-For-Rewards-Afterwards-:innocent:

A Golden Personality

In an earlier prompt response, I touched on the idea of those who possess a Radiant Aura: [quote=”mtfallsVR, post:1, topic:34823”] A Radiant Aura : You have a personality that makes people want to do better: for you, for themselves, and for the world around them. [/quote]

In my ideal situation, my fans would be like a domino effect personality: they like what I produce and feel empowered to create in their own right afterwards, and the waves continue to ripple :ocean: . I took this idea of the Radiant Aura and took it one step further: create a Golden Aura that makes people WANT to pay you as thanks for everything you have done for their lives. Payment comes in more forms than fiat currency though: spreading your legend through lands far and wide are priceless actions that no amount of Google Ads can hope to replicate.

Give Before You Receive

This is one of those nice techniques I learned while trying to climb the corporate ladder: solve problems for others, solve them voluntarily instead of being mandated, and solve them so well that others HAVE to gush about you. When you manage to go above and beyond and manage to do it regularly, people talk. Unfortunately, the reward is not evenly reciprocated, even if you do regularly get promoted. You are still working for someone else, and you are empowering their dream, not yours.

My Dream… is to Serve You Top Comment:

When the guy is actually making a case for tyranny and it’s inspiring as hell 😳

I was thinking about inspiring people and drew back far enough to an anime I watched years ago named Fate/Zero. Fate is a series about historical figures being reincarnated to clash swords and ideals in the modern era, and one of the fan-favorites is the character portraying Iskander / Alexander the Great. Iksander is a larger-than-life personality, the true embodiment of what it means to celebrate being alive and pursuing your goals to the furthest iota possible, and done enough justice to the point where I scream “I LIVE TO SERVE MY KING” whenever I see someone cosplay as him during anime conventions :joy:.

So what makes Iksander so great?

He has a personality that makes you want to help fulfill his dreams, and makes you feel as through you are achieving something great just by being part of the picture. The commonality I want to draw is how I want my fans to feel: they WANT to continue helping me in bringing my visions to life, and feel so empowered by their participation that they want to spread the word far and wide. This may be a bit of an ego trip, but I feel as though I’m starting to fill in the shoes of the great and fictional King of Conquerors.

![iksander 500x500](upload://4PG2CaPPUyrnePi8Nr8iRXMcM6g.jpeg)

What Will It Take?

An cross between Give Before You Receive and My Dream… is to Serve You. I will fulfill my dream of making virtual reality experiences that awaken the dormant heroes inside my future fans, and I will continue to live larger than life so my fans can aspire to continue being part of something bigger than themselves.

Now excuse me as I ball into a corner and cry about how much I love and adore and spread the gosphel of Iksander, the true King of Conquerors. cry|540x304

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