Creative's Workshop 2020

Future Website

The next mega-mall in the making.

Day 45: Future Website


Tomorrow (it’s midnight now, so I guess today) I decided I would stop playing games and finally sit down and update my website, filling it with all the great dailies, fantastic prompt responses, and awesome conversations I’ve had in this workshop.

As @mtfallsVR, I lamented at the 2-D structure of websites. It is stupidly hard to find specific pages in a website, and the more blog posts I create, the harder it will become to sift through for future mtFansVR. What if there was a way I could replicate a virtual reality library through a web browser?

Then a lightbulb moment occurred! :cloud_with_lightning:

Mozilla (the company responsible for the web browser, Firefox) is doing fantastic work in a lot of adjacent spaces, most notably Virtual Reality Browsers.

The wheels continued to spin. I was excited to share even the prospect of my VR Library Website, so I gushed to the first person I saw: my roommate. I regaled him with a fantastic new way to interact with website content, starting with a map in the front lobby and extending as far as needed and divided by genre as much as appropriate. Waiting for him to be in awe of my revolution, he tilted his head and looked at me inquisitively.

“Are you… trying to make a mall?”

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