Creative's Workshop 2020

Enter the Dragon

Let's take a moment to remember and appreciate our dragonkin companions.

Pro2 Day 9: Enter the Dragon

Hi @dragon! I just got accepted into the group and after a reading a couple of your dailies, I am excited to get a chance to learn more about what makes you all tick!

But let’s take a quick aside and acknowledge how COOL dragons are.

Starting from who-knows-where in human history, dragons have long taken residence as a mythological fascination to our understanding of the world around us (though I leave the expert mythology breakdowns to @bostonblake :stuck_out_tongue:). Stereotypically portrayed as ageless behemoths who’s raw destructive power can turn the world on its head at any given time, countless stories recount what it means:

to be ruled by dragons image|690x388

to live alongside dragons image|474x371

to destroy the existence of dragons image|256x192

and to become dragons. image|640x361

All tales with dragons explore facets of the human experience with cultural twists, but it’s amazing to see how much story can be told with such a simple basis!

For my story in development, El Valedor, I like the idea of having the main cast gain dragons and other mythological beings as familiars, which can be akin to your partner-in-crime growing alongside you in the world. What does it mean to treat your familiar as well? What happens if your treat your familiar poorly? What exactly is at stake when you start colliding with entities around you that may or may not have familiars? All this and more will be explored in upcoming dailies :wink:

And for my fellow members of the dragon cohort, what does being a dragon mean to you?


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