Creative's Workshop 2020

Burned out on a Tuesday.

A terrible way to start the week.

Pro2 Day 55: Burned Out on a Tuesday

I feel like Lil Baby because I’m tired of being tired of being tired.

  • Tommy Ice in “Keys to the Benz

On Sunday I felt extremely accomplished as I had finished a long week of tackling tasks.

Come Monday I feel absolutely spent, it was such a struggle to get out of bed.

Tuesday (today) did not fare much better… what was wrong?

I took a look at Todoist (basically my crutch to free up mental space by organizing tasks I have to do), and look at the following data…

![90-tasks 368x165](upload://q3v4qDPUCbQ4VF15Vo24IP7c78b.png)

The number at the end of each bar is the number of tasks completed in a week, Grey is unplanned tasks Blue is Virtual Reality Development Green is Chores Orange is Writing (mostly the pro2 workshop) Red is Social Obligations (planning my time to spend with friends and family)

My jaw almost dropped when I saw last week’s statistics. 90 tasks, with probably over half on unplanned tasks? What the heck was I doing last week?

I’ve touched on this subject over a couple of dailies, but pre-Covid I felt like my life was going nowhere, and through a series of life-changing encounters, end up here. I’m doing more in the last 6 months than arguably the last 25 years of my life, and I like this feeling. Accomplishment, fulfillment. But I guess my body can’t keep up anymore. I feel tired. And I’m tired of being tired of being fired.

Before COVID I didn’t have any friends I could lean on for this issue because I was arguably doing the best in the time-management space… today was different. I reached out to a friend who mentioned in passing about how efficient they are with their time. A simple message.

“Hey Melissa, how do I join the 5AM club?”

I was expecting maybe a book, maybe a motivational video or two, but nopeeeeee. I got the works. Apparently Melissa had been doing this from the age of 18-25, and pretty much had her routine cemented since then. I got SO much more than what I was expecting, and as an added bonus I got my own time-management coach in case I ever need a boost. Huh, I guess this is what relying on reliable people is like.

My two tasks for today:

  • Figure out if the tasks for today are really important enough for today, or if they can wait. (Melissa: This burned out Monday and Tuesday will mean nothing a year from now, so why stress about it?)
  • Actually go to sleep at 9PM today so I can try to join the 5AM club tomorrow. No exceptions, I’m dropping everything. Nothing is so important that I sacrifice my sleep and health for it. It will have to wait until tomorrow. (Is this the alleged balance I’ve been avoiding?)

Curious to hear your run-ins with the 5AM club and it’s various people of colorful personalities :grinning:

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