Creative's Workshop 2020

Breakpoint Part 2

Reflect and redirection of the journey thus far.

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Pro2 Day 43: Breakpoint 2

I usually write breakpoint dailies when I feel a bit overwhelmed with daily life (I haven’t had time to sit down and write a full story in over a week :cry: ) so I will share some quick observations I would love everyone to hear!

You Have My Attention

When I write shorter dailies, I get more attention and feedback. When I write longer dailies, they are usually glossed over for completely understandable reasons. It’s still kind of a bummer when I spend a good deal of effort on them, so now I began asking, how do I get people to want to read this?

The idea of a funnel is one interesting space I’d like to play around in. The theory is simple: you draw someone in with something short but powerful, then have them latch onto you waiting for the next piece of content to be released (for me, I’ll call them mtFansVR :joy:). I WILL get this refrigerator story published! :triumph:

Paths That Will Never Cross

An early frustration that I encountered within the workshop was realizing that the trajectory I was going with my craft was not running in parallel with anyone else. The first thought being: why share my work with people who will never understand it? Thankfully I decided to stick around and keep an open mind, and realized two important lessons along the way:

  • It’s not the workshop’s job to find your audience for you. You have to understand who is is you want to cater for, and compromise accordingly.
  • There is always something to learn from someone else who is willing to teach, ESPECIALLY if they aren’t in the same genre as you. The world is big, and there are more viewpoints out there than stars in the sky. Everyone has a hidden gem of wisdom they want to offer, and it’s up to us to figure out how we can use it in our own craft and in our own lives.

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