Creative's Workshop 2020

Breakpoint Part 1

Reflect and redirection of the journey thus far.

Pro2 Day 29: Breakpoint 1

Today I had a chance to chat with the lovely @angelatseng about the trajectory of how our dailies are going, AND I AM FOREVER GOING TO BEAT MYSELF UP OVER NOT TAKING NOTES ON SOME AMAZING THINGS WE COVERED

But here’s some of the more memorable points that I can still recollect!

  • the idea of coincidentally falling into where you are now, and work on unfulfilling careers just to meet your material needs vs being intentional on the direction of your life
  • the idea of personal authenticity (traveling somewhere isn’t a sign of cultural diversity when you visit a new location to be a tourist), what makes someone interesting?
  • the narrative implications of the world under water (conservation and management of energy, exploring your limits, the depths of the ocean being uncertain)
  • the two frontiers that humanity has not yet explored, space and the depths of the ocean
  • virtual reality and the idea of stepping into someone else’s shoes
  • virtual reality and the elements that step you our of the immersion (mostly the lack of the other four senses)
  • augmented reality and the idea of superimposing fantastic elements to intersect our personal realities and the realities of others around us
  • what is a hero’s journey? how can we inspire others to become heroes through our journeys?
  • a LOT of questions for how i want to take my dailies coming forward

I look forward to chatting with her further, and I feel refreshed at taking cracks at my dailies tomorrow!

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