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Aria in the Nightless Sky

The edge of night draws near.

Pro2 Day 46: Aria in the Nightless Sky

Today I wrote a lot and I’m tired :tired_face: Going to take @judygitenstein’s humble wisdom and trim down a lot of this so I can have something neat to present tomorrow! This story is based on this week’s prompt from my writing group, “What Thing Could Surivive?

![IMG_2012 374x500](upload://38JsLqJZ6sfPE9fFZi8Hz72i76S.jpeg)
![IMG_2013 374x500](upload://cBUPcqgjtVBacW7RBTKu7tqbozE.jpeg)
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Beat to the Punch

So as we all know, my aspiration is to make a Virtual Reality game that serves as a love letter to the genre of isekai and Sword Art Online, and for some reason this dream requires me moving to Seattle because that’s where all the cool VR kids I meet online are from! In my research for today’s story, I found an interesting link…

![IMG_2011 281x500](upload://t7OxZ6pQpK5LZs5qc2nRWbPweh0.png)
![IMG_2016 281x500](upload://4GvN1YslDHhbKAwDgCSQTkSBkzH.jpeg)


I’ll be honest and admit that I got really flustered reading this at first. My whole shtick was being “first to market”, so to speak, since there wasn’t a proper SAO-like VR game in existence yet. Then I took a deep breath and recomposed myself, and realized this really wasn’t an issue at all.

The way I’m taking my dailies was going towards the fringes of the Isekai genre, and this company aptly named Isekai Entertainment was going straight to the heart of the material.

Instead of being upset, I turned my fears into inquisition, and tomorrow I will begin research to see how far these lads have gotten, and see what I can leverage into my own work!

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