Creative's Workshop 2020

An Intentionally Lazy Sunday

Remembering to be a family.

Pro Day 13: An Intentionally Lazy Sunday

When I asked my family if they have time to sit and eat lunch with me today because I wanted to talk to them for a bit, their initial reaction was to be filled with worry at some terrible announcement I was going to share with them. It became normal to NOT each together since we were all so busy with our lives, and I hated that once I realized it was our current reality. Luckily, everyone seems to enjoy eating takeout, and takeout can only come all at once, so after a little bit of negotiation…

For what seemed like the first time in months, we all sat down around our rickety old dinner table and actually simulated what it meant to be a family instead of a just bunch of people living together in a house. We talked a lot about what it meant to be family, and in my secret intention, my parents began regaling us with tales of their youth. Despite being already a quarter of a century old, it amazed me how little I really knew about my parent’s collective pasts. And as I’m come to appreciate since Daily #10: Gone Before You Know It, I took a deep breathe and and shed a secret tear to appreciate this moment for all it was worth.

Here are some notes from today’s lunch! I can’t wait to see what other crazy antics my parents were up to in their youth. IMG_1803|374x499 IMG_1804|374x499

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