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A Snapshot of Today

The journey thus far.

Day 11: A Snapshot of Today

So the original intention of my dailies was to start building out the fantasy world of El Valedor based on the collision of my upbringing here in the United States colliding with the heritage of my ancestry in El Salvador. Based on the my 10 dailies, it appears as though I have pivoted quite a bit! Instead of building out the world itself, I’m beginning to build what the world is thematically about, and as the days fly by where I’m reading through the journeys of others and receiving feedback myself, I don’t see this as such a bad thing. I’m exploring the facts of myself I had either long forgotten or had yet to even discover, and what was once an empty notebook is starting to be filled with content!

![motives 690x388](upload://qKEJAD6v1ecj0sDBDtQ3SlbquIn.png)

The best part is I’ve been developing SOO many more topics I want to explore (my list of dailies grows.. who knows what tomorrow will be about!), and I’m hopefully starting to get into rhythm of where I can set aside a time per day to dedicate to my craft in the absolute typhoon of responsibilities that is life.

A small learning I want to share today is how I used to rely on large group messages to try and get my voice heard. The obvious benefit is that if no one responds, I could just shrug my shoulders and say that I tried my best to get everyone’s attention. What I’ve come to learn today is, did I really? You lose a lot of the personal interaction that comes with messaging people personally, and as it (surprisingly) turns out, people love when you think about them specifically!

I guess the fear I was running from was the obvious chance that my message could be rejected and in turn, feels as though I myself was rejected. The hard part is putting yourself out there and not loathing yourself afterwards because you felt like you weren’t enough. The truth is… you probably were not. What really matters after all is said and done is the way you pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and try again, knowing that the chance you get hurt is more than willing to happen again, but this time… you begin to crave and savor those feelings because you know in your heart that you are about to reach the next level.

Or you know, you can just stay on the floor and let the journey end then and there, but where’s the fun in that?

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