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World Class Magician

Systems Thinking and Personal Magic

8d World-Class Magicians (Systems Thinking)

What are they?
How do they work?
How does curiosity to integrate rather than evaluate differ?
How is movement integrated?
Why is integrated movement important or not?
How are feelings, trauma, experiences integrated and processed?
What emotions do you find most inviting?
What emotions do you hide or run from?
How is judgment manifest or altered as integration increases?
Knowledge-Seeking - When does it help creative achievement? When does it postpone or hamper it?

A while ago I wrote a chapter for my NaNoWrimo 2020 project named World-Class Magic. It’s very long and raw, but the soul of the piece is that the bigger you dream, the more realities you collide with, and if you can change the world by bringing the thoughts from your head into physical manifestation, you are a World-Class Magician.

The part my piece was lacking, was how to become a World-Class Magician. Visionary Imprisonment

School is a scam in America, here’s why. [Robert Kiyosaki 2019 - The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM POOR!] Robert Kiyosaki 2019 - The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM POOR!

[College: The Profitable Business of Enslaving Students] College: The Profitable Business of Enslaving Students

Both interesting videos, but here are the key points

Institutional Education is a business, where we mold unique budding visionaries into permutations of the same corporate flunkys
As student loans are funded by the government, its FREE MONEY for institutions, so… why not jack up the price? And not improve the quality of education at the same time?
If you have ever been on a college tour, notice how they never talk about curriculum, but are always quick to brag about expensive amenities and historical accolades. And how attractive the students are. Basically just an expensive daycare for adults…
Why are we normalizing putting 18-year-olds into tremendous amounts of debt? Ontop of 10 years down the line, being in MORE debt with a home purchase?

But the unfortunate truth is, this is all a game, and we are on the losing side.

As of the last decade, over 70% of young adults have a college degree. In an ever-cutthroat market, being part of the 30% without a degree immediately gimps you. I work in a field where I consistently meet peers way smarter and better at their job then I, yet I make more because I played into the game and have a nice piece of paper to show for it. The Debt Trap, the Wealth Gap

When you are in debt, you have debtors to pay. When the invisible weight hangs over your head, your decisions become more irrational. You can’t focus on accruing more wealth if debt is sapping what meager earnings you already have.

This goes double for those without a degree. Even with trade school specialization, you will get undercut, and still have to be forced to pay an exceedingly high cost of living.

There is no room to be able to think for tomorrow, when we are barely getting by today. The Moment of Respite

Very rarely, you can come into a plethora of wealth. When today is already answered for, how will you plan for tomorrow? Party Like There is No Tomorrow [The Economic Failure of Venezuela] The Economic Failure of Venezuela

One country did, and blew it all on short-term expenses, which led to one of the worst economic crashes in modern history. Side-Story: Player Killer

Some Venezuelans had to play online games and sell in-game currency to survive. Some players didn’t like that, and made online guides on how to specifically kill Venezuelan players. Selling in-game currency is actually a bannable offense, so technically these players were doing “the right thing”. But if killing other players for making your game less fun acually leads to their death in real life because their economy is in shambles and this is the only option left to turn a small income… are you really doing “the right thing”? Don’t Quit Your Day Job [Norway: Is It The Perfect Economy?] Norway: Is It The Perfect Economy?

The flip side is Norway. Once a humble fishing country, it struck black gold and instead of spending it all… it actually stored it all away in the county’s investment funds for future generations of Norway’s citizens. It knew fossil fuels would not last, so it did what it could to ensure future prosperity. The intricacies of how Norway’s government doles out and invests its economy is high-level World-Class Magic. The Quiet Before Battle [The Profitable Business of Enslaving Third World Countries] The Profitable Business of Enslaving Third World Countries

[China’s Master Plan for World Domination (Mini Documentary)] China’s Master Plan for World Domination (Mini Documentary)

If debt is what incacerates the young adults of USA and several developing countries, China is quietly becoming the Grandmaster World-Class Magician. While the USA is pensive overly quarterly company profits, China is playing the same game in at least three more dimensions with a plan spanning at least a century. The short of it is: it is becoming the biggest debt collector of the world while running an autocratic and self-sufficient country. It’s honesty kind of astounding if the endgame wasn’t so scary (see -> George Orwell’s 1984).

Better start brushing up on your Mandarin. The “Right” Thing

This entire post spurred out of the disgust that is Institutional Education, which teaches you what to think instead of how. I mused about this topic with someone I jokingly call professor because their dream is to became an instructor at their alma matter. After asking their opinion on systems thinking, they gave me an extremely idealistic verision of what they envision. Despite all my negativity… I could almost where they were coming from. “I want to make a difference in my students lives”’, she said. It reaffirmed my theory that teachers and professors are not the problem here, but the systems above them that both employ and constrict them.

The right thing, I wonder what that is for an aspiring teller-of-world/cryptocurrency adopter/VR developer world-class magician like me.

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