How can tomorrow even exist for us if you won't fight for yourself today?

Tempest Crossing

The Grand Challenge - Chapter 4 (Now)

An uncertain truth begins to shake the world.


Out of the infinite blackness existing before, a bright light began forming, and eventually made its form into something humained, then something woman, and then finally a women with a regal and celestic retire. A goddess, the typical character you would first meet that would explain the world, explain your duty, and give you the choice of boon to embark into the world and save it. Rubbing my hands together in anticpitation, I could not wait to see what kind of adventure was in store for me.

“Great Heroine, you have been summoned as our world is on the verge of collapse. Monsters know as the Rot have made great advances into human settlements, and one by one have taken them over. The world is rapidly running out of land and resources to continue supporting what remains of humanity, and now they have called upon heroes from other worlds to join the fight and take back the world from the Rot. This advance is sudden and you must be shocked to be summoned without warning. Rest assured, we are not sending you in without being armed. The problem is, we can not give you the arms yourself. Your power… is something you will have to discover for yoursel-“

Before the godness can finish her sentence, the room we are in shakes violentaly and a loud breaking sound can be heard as the corner of the room creates a giant crack. The godness looks a bit startled, but quickly recomposes herself and resumes her aura of upmost sincerity and confidence.

“… sorry about the startling turn of events, but it looks like we are running short on time. You will now be whisked away to your first encounter. Good luck heroine, as our world depends on you. I will give you one piece of advice thought - DO NOT DIE.”

The last warning by the goddess felt like it was directed not as me the chracter I was playing, but me as the player behind the character. Chills rose up my spine.

Wow! This game is so realistic, they even added a new turn of events to make it feel like the world really IS in danger! VR is really outdoing itself as of late-

Just as I was about to finish my current thought, a great weight of anxiety makes itself know in my heart. But this anxiety… isn’t mine. I’m exceited, aren’t I?

In another instance, particles of light began to form and disappate around my body. They appeared slowly at first, but more and more appeared as time went on and they began to spin faster and faster. The area within the particles alterned in temperated between a cool breeze and a warm blowing of wind, and I once again began to feel execited about this sensation washing over me. Out of nowhere, a scent becomes to fill the swirling particles. Scent… wasn’t quite the right term. It started out as a subtle smell, then a nauseating odor of what smelled like rotting garbage began to fill the room. I turn to the goddess in confusion, and she has one hand pinching her nose while the other wave me away.


and without another word, I was whisked away to somewhere else.


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