Creative's Workshop 2020

Waiting for Change

I guess this is really it, huh.

13. Genre plus skill

Show us that you hear the genre, that you can see the genre…

Prompt: Show us what you see.

In the field you wish to be heard, find an example of the genre that’s successful, then make an original version of it.

Not groundbreaking or stunningly original, simply a new take on what works. If it’s a novel, show us a page from Ludlum or Lee and then a page from yours. If it’s a TED style talk share a minute from a popular TED talk and then a minute from yours…

Here’s to you, @Chen, my spiritual prequel and teaser to my dailies, El Valedor

“Waiting for Change”

I guess this is really it, huh. I finally got my big-boy corporate job, moved out, and am able to finally start my life as a real adult.

Or so I led myself to believe.

Everyday I wake up to work at a job that has no meaning to me, to afford to live in a city I don’t give two damns about, to hang out with people that are all obsessed with the wrong things. They only care about the rat race, to get promoted, live bigger, get better and nicer things, and worry about the future never. I hate them all for being so shallow, but I hate myself the most for using them to fill my own loneliness.

There is only one place I can really be myself. Where the content of my character shines, and my actions have meaning that can move the world itself. I get the chance to meet players from all over the globe, embark on journeys I could never imagine, and live the life I had always dreamed of.

But it’s all a lie. Eventually the clock must strike twelve, and the bright screen of the monitor must shut off, leaving only a distorted reflection of myself stating one self-truth. I am still alone.

An adventure like no other awaits you in El Valedor. Immerse yourself in a world that is indistinguishable from reality itself, and become the true hero craving to awaken inside you.

What a laugh. It’s just a game, there is no way something like this can exist in a life so boring and shallow. But what if…

Against my better judgement, I decided to invest into this up and coming game of El Valedor. After letting the software pre-load on my virtual reality headset, I got the email notification on my phone that it was my time to enter the world. I straddled into bed, grabbed the headset awaiting nearby on my night stand, and strapped in. I selected the new game on the start menu, shining at the forefront as the salvation I had been waiting for. A stream of colors rushed into me and beyond, and slowly I began to lose consciousness as my sight began to be filled with light.


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