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The Wishing Flower Part 5

As one journey ends, a new one begins.

Pro2 Day 62: The Wishing Flower Part 5

I slowly creaked the door open to Aiyanna’s room where I find the dear Sister tending to her in bed. Aiyanna’s illness was nearing its end as she was at the last stage of the Entombing, right before we would lose her forever. I inadvertently gulped, but shook my nerves off to steel myself. Today would be the say we save Aiyanna. I beckon the young man behind me to enter, and he carefully makes his way inside.

“A man? In the monastery? What could you possibly be thinking, Kurasa? And where have you been since yesterday? We’ve been worried sick! And why do you look so… burnt?”

“Listen, Sister, I know you must have a million questions for me, but it will have to wait. I think we have to a way to save Aiyyana, just please trust me on this. “

“Save… Aiyanna?” The sister looked at me perplexed as if I was peaking a different language. I politely brushed her aside to make room, and signaled the young man to prepare himself. He slowly brought his charred hands to the base of Aiyanna’s neck where the Entombment had started and impacted her the hardest, and nodded for me to begin.

“Barrier, Neck.”

A red aura enveloped Aiyanna’s neck as I slowly began to mentally fatigue. I continued to chant “Barrier, Neck” as the young man followed suite, and began chanting as well.

“Neck, Palm.”

A white hue enveloped the burnt hands of the young man, and soon spread onto the red aura already on Aiyanna’s neck. He too seemed to be fatiguing mentally, but focused his casting to the task at hand.

10, and then 20 seconds elapse with no visible signs of improvement.

30, and then 40 seconds seconds elapsed and still nothing improved about Aiyanna’s condition.

50, and then 60 seconds elapsed, and Aiyanna’s soft breathing patterns suddenly came to a halt.


At the 61st second, the most wonderful event transpired.

The store workings on Aiyanna’s skin soon began to crumble away, and color began to fill her face. She cooly smiled as she turned towards me, and leapt out of bed to embrace me with all her strength. It had been weeks since Aiyanna had been able to move on her own, and here she was, almost suffocating me to death. It was beautiful. I smiled as hard as my face would let me, and began to cry.

“See, I told you I’d always believe in you, Kurasa! And you thought this illness was going to be scary!”

Tears continued to stream down my face as I had no words to describe how blessed I was feeling. All I knew was that I was happy to have my sister back.

“Kurasa… what did you and this young man do? Where did Aiyanna’s Entombment symptoms go? Just where in God’s name were you?”

I turned toward the Sister with my own sister in tow, and struggled for a second to keep myself composed. The young man also fell to one knee at that same moment, but quickly caught himself and resumed standing.

“Funny you should say that. I think thanks to God’s good name, I gained the power something greater than his grace alone. I gained the ability to believe in myself and my companion.”

“EvAr,” the young man quickly coughed out as if to correct me.

“EvAr? You and this young man has EvAr? But that doesn’t make sense, even the strongest practitioners of EvAr could not rid others of the Entombment.”

“It’s because their EvAr wasn’t meant for others. Me and Findlay here…”, I nodded to the young man as confirmation, “…we have a gift, and we made it our purpose to travel across the continent and cure as many others suffering from Entombment as soon as possible.”

“Findlay! What a cute name!” Aiyanna finally chirped up. “Is he your boyfriend or something?”

I knew Aiyanna was just teasing, but I felt myself growing redder by the second.

“O-of course not! I just met this guy! We-! We are.. Uh…”

“Partners,” Findaly muttered under his breath. He too was visibly embarrassed as he turned his face sideways and attempted to avoid eye contact with anyone in the room. Aiyanna smiled and then turned to me.

“A journey, that sounds so fun! Where are you leaving, Kurasa?”

“Tomorrow,” I replied flatly, and Aiyanna’s smile quickly left her face.

“Tomorrow? But I just got better today! I wanted to play with you to make up for all the lost time I was sick. Ive been waiting weeks for this moment!”

“Kurasa, it’s okay, we still haven’t exactly planned out where we are going. If it’s okay with the sister, I’d like to come by to visit you while I head out to town to gather some more information. Is that okay with everyone here?”

The Sister was about to protest, but looked at Aiyanna’s pleading face and sense my determination.

“It feels as though no matter what I say, you’re still going to leave anyway, huh? No matter, as long as you all are here, let’s enjoy what little time we have left. Come, let us eat supper, you are invited to join us as well, young Findlay,” the Sister signaled generously while keeping a questioning eye on him.

“Sure… es en un placer a comer con todos ustedes, but I’ll have to leave before the sun sets. I left all my stuff in the mountains, and I want to get back what little I have before anymore mischievous wolfs come along.”

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