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The Wishing Flower Part 4

Your wish will now be weighed.


Day 61: The Wishing Flower Part 4

“Your wish will now be weighed.”

A booming voice from the beyond the Amate tree emerged as the valley became hotter and hotter. The flames raced across the plane before circling around me and the tree itself. Like the wishes of the masses existing for just one second and disappearing the next, all the flowers of the Amate tree soon burned to a crisp, leaving only the flower I clutched in my palms.

The inferno reached its peak, and soon became a flame tornado with the tree and I at the very center. Rising into the sky was two pairs of glowing white orbs, stopping for just a moment at the apex of the storm. The orbs cleanly split themselves in half, replaced one of its original halves with the orb neighboring it, and slowly both orbs returned to the valley. The soothing waves of the white orbs dispersed the flames around them as they descended, and soon the valley was in complete silence. The last thing I remember was the vision of the grand Amate tree standing before me as I lost conscientiousness.

“The Amate tree has weighed both your wishes, and judged. With the intent of both your wishes to save the soul of another, the tree has deemed you worthy, but with a price.”

[SOULBOUND] Your soul is now linked to another’s. Should one of you perish, both will. On the contrary, should one of you grow stronger, you will both reap its benefits.

  • You now have unlocked the EvAr Skill Tree: Soul Binding
  • You can now see other’s health, EvAr levels and status indicators.
  • You can now sense the location and general emotions of the person you are soulbound with.

Live on, and continue to save others.

“Este situación es en buen cacaso…”, I mutter to myself as I close the EvAr dialogue box.

Soul-bound, huh? At least it wasn’t the worst-case scenario where we lose both our souls, but something about me feels different… like someone else’s will resides inside me now. I slowly get up to brush myself off, and notice the girl before me has yet to awaken. She isn’t moving, but still seems to be breathing. Thank goodness, the poor thing must be exhausted from whatever journey led her up to this point. I position myself to sit, planting my arms behind me for support, and notice now the obvious absence of a grand tree that used to stand here proudly. I noticed the girl besides me begin to shiver, and take off my overcoat to cover her as a makeshift blanket. With the fires now subsided, I feel the mountain air pass over us, and turn to lay on my back and gaze on at the stars above.

I never really stopped to look up day or night as I was busying casting my gaze downwards at the cruel fate I had been given. But now, it seems I have a purpose, albeit one I never explicitly asked for or expected. There would be a lot to talk about with this girl when she finally arose, but until then, I would enjoy the cool night air on the winds that blow to tomorrow.

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