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The Wishing Flower Part 3

Old burns never heal.

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Day 60: The Wishing Flower Part 3

I wander, because I have nowhere to go.

The place I used to belong to, has nowhere left to be in this world.

My little town on the outskirts of El Valedor was just collateral damage in a war we never asked for. The borderlands between two warring nations, the faction of self and the factions of all. We choose to be on no one’s side, and they decided we had no more reason to be. The flames and firing squads rained down on my town that fateful day, and I was the only one to survive the massacre. My mother had tossed into me a well, out of sight and out of the hungering flame’s grasps. When the town stopped smoldering, I crawled out, and tried to find her. My hands became etched with burn marks as I tried for hours and hours to clear the rubble of the place I used to call my home. I cried so much that day until I had no more tears to lose. And once the final tear fell, I gained EvAr. The Flames to Protect.

What a sick joke.

— I wander, and a white wolf awakens me from my afternoon nap in the mountains. Its blue eyes chide me to follow as if something urgent was about to unravel. Blue eyes, white wolf, is this the Cadejo Blance from legend? The Cadejo Blanco is said to be a messenger from God, send to protect travelers in their journeys and safeguard them. As the envious response, the devil created his own black wolf, the red eyed Cadejo Negro, said to be the precursor of doom and destruction. I don’t know why the Cadejo Blanco found me, but something in my empty heart tugged me to follow. I left behind what little belongings I still carried with me, and chased after the white wolf up the mountain. — The Cadejo Blanco brought me to the edge of a valley, and my eyes almost bulged out of my skull. The Amante tree, not one but two legends tonight? The white wolf howled in aggression, and in response a black shadow with red eyes in the valley howled fiercely in defiance. What was happening here? And by the Cadejo Negro was… a girl? I couldn’t see her face clearly from this distance, but what little I could surmise dictated that she intending to secure one of the Amate flowers. You fool! Don’t you realize that miracles come at a price?

My body acting before my brain, I summoned orbs of flames to my palms, and aimed at the black shadow. Conjuring flames hurts me, but my burnt palms showed that I long ago forgot what pain really felt like. The flames rushed to the black shadow, and it dodged gracefully as it turned fully into its black wolf form. My missed flames began to take light in the valley, and soon the clearing was beginning to be engulfed in fire. The girl looked around for a split second in complete shock of the situation, but steeled her resolve and raced towards to the base of the tree. Does she have a death wish, why does she care so little for her own life?


All my life, I had cursed my life of wandering. What kind of God would allowed someone with a life like mine? I barely had a reason to be alive anymore, but I didn’t want someone to die right in front of me either. Allowing the girl’s courage to steel myself, I sprinted towards the base of the tree too. The Cadejo Negro noticed my intention, and leaned back on all fours to attack me and prevent me from reaching her. Before he completed his stance, the Cadejo Blaco leapt onto it, and bought me time as I continued to run full-throttle. I was just a tad faster than the girl, but she had a sizable head start on me, and began to kneel and rip the right sleeve off her tunic. The closer I got, the more I noticed how fatigued, desperate, and disoriented the girl really was, but despite all them, she felt… determined. When I finally got into speaking distance, her grip faltered, and touched the Amate flower with her bare skin. Not knowing what else to do, I made one last decision.

I would make sure she wouldn’t have to suffer this fate alone. @sabweld @michellebasey @laurasanto @susanmclachlan @mariesheel @eliturner @DerekDodds

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