Creative's Workshop 2020

The Wishing Flower Part 2

I will give everything, if it means saving her.

Pretty busy week, no time to read my tags! :scream: I will catch up tomorrow and give feedback accordingly, stay lovely my fellow creatives :heart:

Pro2 Day 59: The Wishing Flower Part 2

After a long trek into the mountains, I finally see it. The magical tree of wonder, said to only exist a day at a time, in any location for no rhyme or reason. It was hard to believe such a thing really existed. After I took the first step forward into the valley, I paused. Should such a thing even exist? A conveniently appearing tree dropping wish-granting flowers that can only be touched with cloth, else skin-contact will steal your soul? This sounds like a huge trap if anything… but I continued to press forward. It was the only chance I would get to save my sister in time.

Once I reached the clearing at the bottom of the valley, a growing shadow approached me. Its red eyes glared at me as if it had been waiting for someone foolish enough to even come this far.

“Welcome weary wanderer, are you willing to weigh your wish?”

A sudden chill ran down my spine. Every logical entity in my mind was screaming for me to turn back before it was too late. Weigh my wish, what could the shadow really be meaning? But I had already come this far, and I was willing to make even a deal with the devil if it meant saving Aiyanna. As I took the first step forward toward the white flowering tree-

“No, not this time.”

Bolts of fire rush past me and strike the ground near the red-eyed shadow. The shadow lurched backward and began to snarl, and it soon took the form of a large wolf, ready to strike at the new contender.

At the valley’s edge, a white glowing orb came into view. The orb had eyes as bright and blue as the midday sky, and soon transformed into a white wolf of equal caliber to the red-eyed shadow. Alongside the white wolf was robed man, his hands glowing red after casting his fire magic.

The fire he cast into the valley took light, and soon the clearing became consumed in flames. More and more of the Amate flowers wither up and sootify, and I could feel my heart begin to beat faster and faster. I was running out of time, this madman was making sure NO ONE would get a chance to get their wish granted. Without a second thought, I sprinted to the base of the tree where the fire had not reached yet. After arriving at it’s base, I tore the right-armed sleeve off my tunic and began to carefully make my way in procuring one of the Amante flowers. Slower and slower I tried to still my heart and my hands, but my agitated nerves and the increasing heat of the valley made me lose my grip.

I touched the Amate flower with my thumbs, and suddenly felt a pair of hands touch my palm from behind. @homeroom11 @dragon @wildcat @mariesheel @lainastanford @rolandkoronya


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