Creative's Workshop Part 2

Spark Part 2

How long is forever?

Pro2 Day 17: Spark Pt.2

Sequel and conclusion to part 1

“So I see you have chosen to not listen”, the mysterious figure quipped as if to be extremely annoyed.

“Well, when you see something exciting that you’ve never seen before, what would you do?”, Kerrick exclaimed.

The mysterious figured sighed, then recomposed himself.

“So I’ll suppose you’ll want to know what this place is-“

“Yes!” Kerrick eagerly declared.

The figure paused and glared at Kerrick with a visage that could pierce through the melting Antarctic Ice Caps.

“If I could be so selfish as to ask to NOT BE INTERRUPTED, would you humor me? What was your name again, loud one?”

“Kerrick….”, the loud one replied, looking down and avoiding eye contact as though he were a puppy being scolded for not being housebroken.

“Anyways, I am Trinculo, and this is my laboratory. What you see around you is my collection of scientific works from millennias of research and experimentation”.

Millennia? This guy looked no older than I was, how could such a thing be?

Trinculo noticed my questioning gaze, and answered, “You must be wondering why I said millennia. Millennia is a long time right? Well, that’s because it’s true. I’ve been stuck in here for thousands of years. And notice the other important word I said in the previous sentence: stuck. That’s right. You’re trapped in here. What a shame, we could’ve avoided this scenario HAD SOMEONE BEEN LISTENING.” Trinculo resumed his glaring at Kerrick.

“What are you talking about? We just gotta come out the way we came right?” Kerrick slowly reoriented himself towards the door, turned a nonexistent doorknob, and began walking into the door for a solid 15 seconds. Only after the 16th second did he realize he was still trapped in the room with us. Sometimes I wonder what goes on through his head.

“WE’RE TRAPPED IN HERE, ARIO. WE’RE DOOMEEEED.” Kerrick looked like he was about to burst into tears.

“Yes, I already explained that, “ Trinculo continued. “Also there is one more catch: if you run out of the willpower to continue doing more things, you soul will freeze as well, just like those poor unfortunate wanderers that came before you that I shoved into the corner over there,” Trinculo pointed.

Just as Trinculo’s garments had caught me by surprise, a vast number and variety of other people were neatly organized by time of entrapment in the corner specified .The only reason I knew that was because the clothes of the people were archaic and became progressively closer to the style of clothing we wear today in the present.

“ARIO, WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE, BECAUSE IF WE DON’T I, I WON’T BE ABLE TO-“ and Kerrick suddenly stopped speaking mid-sentence.

“Wow. That’s got to be a new all-time record for quickest surrender to fate. Everyone else at least lasted a week or two or most. But your friend Derek, he’s something else. Well, besides being loud and impulsive.”

“Kerrick”, I colded correctly the man.

“Ah yes, my mistake. Dearest apologies. Anyways, what was your name again? Ario? You seemed to be rather unfettered by the predicament you find yourself in. Why is that?”

“I always found myself running out of the time out there in the real world. I also always hated the prospect of becoming old and becoming a prisoner in my own body that begins to fall apart. This… seems like it would pleasant change of pace. I have a lot I want to accomplish, and having infinite an amount of time to do so makes me think I miiiiiight be able to finish it all.”

Trinculo laughed. “Well said, I see you are a man of action as well. Unfortunately, my desire to have more time actually led to my entrapment in the first place. It’s quite a long story, I don’t know if you have the capacity to listen to it all.”

“I can probably pencil you in. Forever is quite a long time, after all”, I grinned.

“If that’s the way you want it, I suppose I can accomodate. “ Trinculo then began rolling up his sleeves as if he was about to do some hard manual labor. “Where do I start? Well… I could always begin with the time period I was originally from…”

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