Creative's Workshop 2020

Spark Part 1

A tourist trap gone wrong.

I was given a challenge by my writing group to form a story based on three random words, I received cold, excavation, action. Here’s my attempt at it!

Day 16: Spark Part 1

Come oooooooon, Ario. We have to go in. It’s practically inviting us to take a look! You know you’re gonna regret this if you don’t.

Why does Kerrick have to be such a impulsive child. The only reason I came to this ancient pyramid in El Valedor was to take some nice landscape pictures as inspiration for level design in my new game. Kerrick just tagged along because he heard I was going somewhere exotic, though I will admit that having someone else does make things a little less lonely. But this… this is something else entirely. Who would have thought that doing that silly trope of touching just the right tiles with just the right arrangement of hands and feet would open a hidden door to God knows where. I was just doing it to humor Kerrick a little.

When we stepped inside, I knew something was immediately wrong. Like a feeling welling up inside me with each step into the underground hallway. The air felt like it was becoming more frigid, but not in the sense that it was becoming colder, but more like… the air itself was moving less. The father we ventured into the hallway, the more erratic and bizarre the inscriptions on the wall became. It was first based on the traditional folklore of the region’s dialect, but the images became more like glyphs, alien and futuristic, like it was predicting a future that was yet to be. Of course I couldn’t read any of this nonsense, but I was amazing at first impressions and deductions.

Finally, a lone door stood at the end of the hallway. Kerrick gleamed with excitement, and I nervously clutched the back of my neck for comfort. Kerrick always badmouthed me for being too analytical and not being impulsive in my actions, so against my better judgement I held my tongue and just was let whatever was going to happen, happen. On his go, Kerrick and I began to shove the door open with our shoulders, and slowly the edges of the door leaked bright artificial light into the hallway.

Light? I thought we were in some underground tomb? What the heck can generate electricity for a civilization that never utilized or discovered it?

Inside, a wild-eyed figure stared at us with his mouth agape. His clothes were exotic, a style I have never laid my eyes upon in any culture of any time or place.

Don’t go any further, or you’ll be trapped in here forever!

Don’t go in wher-???

But it was already too late, and Kerrick and I had already tumbled inside.

The door behind us immediately snapped shut, and the mysterious figure clutched his head in one of his palms and exasperated a deep sigh of disappointment.



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