Creative's Workshop 2020

Not Another Full Moon

The return of horror incarnate.

A short story based on my online writing group’s weekly prompt, not another full moon. Please join my writing group, we don’t bite… except maybe under full moons.

Day 69: Not Another Full Moon

The night market was alive and in full force tonight. The crowded streets of the El Valedoran village hustled and busted with all manners of vendors, booths, colors, and the like. After a long trek through the wilderness, Araceli, Teyo, and I were relieved we could finally relax our weary bodies. After I collected the food wishlist from my companions, I squeezed myself into the crowd to fully immerse myself in the night’s celebrations.

After scanning the area, I spot a tasty looking food stall not far from where I was standing, and shimmied my way over. Through sheer power of hunger alone, I force myself past the crowd and make arrive. And just as I begin my order, I hear a scream from somewhere in the distance. One scream turned to two, then four, as if it was some dominoes effect of exponential screaming. Somewhere at the edge of the marketplace, the tone of the crowed changed from excitement to fear, and soon vendors and customers alike begin fleeing the area. Just then, a frantic looking man approaches the booth I’m at, and whispers something to the vendor. The confused salesman quickly changed his demeanor to that of seriousness, and whispered another his breath:

“Dios mio, no otra luna llena.”

The food vendor then turns to me, obviously perplexed by the events currently transpiring. “Miss, you have to go. It isn’t safe here anymore. Hide yourself from any strange noises until dawn, it is the only way to survive the night.” Before I get a chance to ask any follow-up questions, the vendor and his frantic friend flee out of the market square.

Recomposing myself with the information present, I realized I knew too little, and needed to reunite with Araceli and Teyo before something horrible happened. As I was trying to remember which direction I came from, I hear it. Somewhere beyond the edge of the marketplace, the shrieking of old metal wheels screeching against with the cobblestone pavement rang through the air. The shrieking was accompanied with the dragging of rusty chains and the rattling of bones. Whatever was out there… was obviously something I didn’t want to run into. And just as I made my resolution to avoid it at all costs, it hit me. Araceli and Teyo are just beyond the shrieking horror. Puchica! I was running out of time, and I needed to reach them before this… thing did.

I sprint out of the marketplace and as I turn the next corner, I see it. Basking in the light of the full moon, a lone cart traverses down the street. No ox or horse pulls the cart, yet the shrieking wheels continue to move onwards. The driverless cart was adorned with skulls on its spikes, and dragged chains behind it that were eerily floating just above the surface. Damn it, why here, why now? Without exposing myself, I judge the distance between the current alley and the next one across the street. Maybe a 3 second sprint.

I take a deep breath.

I summon all the courage left in my body, and go for it. As soon as the cart detects my presence, it accelerates. But I don’t turn back, it would all be over if I stopped for even a moment. I manage to turn the next corner, and become immediately washed with a wave of relief. Aracelia and Teyo are safe, and currently running towards me. And just as I let my guard down, I feel my feet give out from under me. Rusty old chains tightly wrap around my ankles, and thrust me face-first into the pavement. Disoriented and injured, my vision became blurred with the blood now forming on my forehead. The last thing I remember is Teyo diving to try and grab my hand, but he was too late as the shrieking cart dragged me into the night.

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