Creative's Workshop 2020

Met and the Extension of Arms

A maiden and her sword.

Pro2 Day 4: Met and the Extension of Arms

Met has developed a curiosity regarding swords. At it’s core, it is a tool to cut down one’s foe. It takes life to serve it purpose, and can be used for no other reason. Despite holding what could be a reaper, Met’s eyes begin to sparkle. For the sword has no desires, feelings, or fulfillment, it does not judge. It can only serve its master, and only its master can bring out its true potential. Alone, a human is rather weak, but by adding even something as simple as a sword, their prowess to become deadly exponentiates. The sword gives its user power, confidence, leverage, and more, but only if the master protects its tool. They become partners, and through each other’s trials and tribulation do they really expand and explore the limits of what it means to be a woman and her extended arm.

“In this world, a sword can take you anywhere you want to go.”

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