Creative's Workshop 2020

A Brief Overview of Beginnings

Let me tell you a story... about the birth of a small nation soon to be named El Salvador...

Pro2 Day 1: The Brief Overview of Beginnings

First we begin with our indigenous tribes, classical Mesoamerica

Later on the world begins to bridge itself together with the nation of Spain Empire conquering the territory.

Eventually we would find ourselves free as part of the First Mexican Empire, then eventually we would secede once more as part of the Federal Republic of Central America.

For a brief moment we would be free to call ourselves, El Salvador, but in the wake of who knows what reason (we can find out why!), we briefly unite with Honduras and Nicaragua and call ourselves the Greater Republic of Central America.

On the turn of the 20th century would come the prime source of El Salvador’s instability, marred with civil unrest, government instability, and an onslaught of violence.

Interesting enough the wikipedia page for the 21st century seems to be quite blank: maybe it’s time for us to create our own story :)

Origins of El Valedor

Possible Origin One: For as long as we could remember, we used to be one tribe, one family. We are homogeneous and traditional as could be, but if we knew nothing else of the world around us, how would be know that we are so small in comparison? One day, the world would come to our doorstep, and ever since then, we have never known peace. Conflict from the outside world, conflict with internal quarrels, conflict with our sense of self as we feel as though we can never amount to anything. What is the right choice, to save our people and finally live up to the name, El Valedor.

Note: WHO is the original El Valedor? El Valedor means protector, so what did he/she/it protect our people from? The scary outside world, or the truth?



Dialogue & Discussion