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My Life as a Refrigerator Part 4

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[quote=”rolandkoronya, post:106, topic:27179”] I love your genre, it’s so fresh and new to me :slight_smile: [/quote]

It’s fresh to me too, I have no idea where this story is going :joy:

With that being said…

Day 34: My Life As A Refrigerator Part. 4

After awakening in the morn, Iva went straight to brass tacks. She conjured the brilliant idea of trying out various food combinations outputs based on the types of ingredients she put inside of me. As it turns out, the quality of the ingredients inserted has a tremendous correlation with the quality of the food product created. When comparing the quality of a sandwich made with fresh ingredients compared to week-old and almost expired ingredients, the difference was palpable. I also felt AWFUL after having terrible ingredients stored inside of myself, very comparable to a stomachache, so I kept my fridge doors SHUT when Iva threatened to add more for personal amusement.

Iva also found out in dismay that food products can only be created when she has affinity for and mastery over its recipe. The most complicated food she tried to create was called lag-zag-nuh, and once re-opening the fridge she found what could only be called an unsatisfactory and unstuffed pizza sandwich (the low-cal calzone, I insisted. She didn’t think it was as funny I as claimed).

“Alright, it looks like I will have to focus on the Sandwitching Arts,” Iva pronounced proudly.

Unamused by her terrible pun, I was about to chastise her when I realized something peculiar about her previous declaration. “What do you mean focus?”

“It’s just what I said! Tomorrow we set up shop, and begin our first step in turning this town around. There’s a couple more things we have to, so if you just play nicely, we’ll get them done ASAP!”

By the time tomorrow came, all the pieces were set. After some masterful pleading, Iva got her mom to go with her to the market to procure all sorts of fresh ingredients, and got her dad to move me into the alleyway in front of their house along with a small table and stool. After letting the elderly neighbor know what shenanigans Iva was planning, they bid her farewell and went off to work. As Iva finished off her storefront sign, a hilariously misspelled “Sendweach” complete with brooms and flying witches, I asked why she chose to intentionally spell the sign wrong. “Our sandwiches are magic! And illiteracy is adorable, especially coming from a young un such as myself,” Iva laughed. Something about this girl struck me as being brilliant for someone so young, and a brief flash of fear passed over me on the off-chance she ever decided to use that talent for something sinister.

As soon as the first potential customer walked by her stall, Iva got to work. Waving them over to set her trap, she first lowered their guard by striking up casual conversation. Once the passerby was invested, she would remark that they looked famished. The passerby replied by saying they had just eaten lunch, but after Iva launched her hypnotic gaze , it was already all over (some people call this the pleading eyes technique :pleading_face:, but only the strong willed such as myself know better). The passerby forked over his spare cash, and just after having one bite of our sandwiches, they were HOOKED. Excited to share this discovery with all their acquaintances, the one passerby became two, then two became four, and soon the empty alleyway became bustling and filled to the brim.

Not even two hours into the lunch rush, and I was completely out-of-stock, and the line quickly dispersed, grumbling about how they would have to wait until tomorrow to get a chance to try out the legendary Sendweach (Copyright Pending).

“How did you know that we would completely sell out?”

“I believed in my craft and I believed in you. With our talents combined, how would we NOT sell out?” As opposed to the constant belittling of one another, Iva shared a genuine smile with me, and I felt myself blushing, but I’m not sure how it turned out, because I was indeed a fridge.

“With all that being said, I think you deserve a reward!” Iva reached into her tiny purse and fished out a magnet. It was a dorky magnet of some far-off desert locale she had never been to, but after pleading with her mom even further, she was able to acquire it while shopping for ingredients in the market. She proudly placed it where we both assumed my chest would be, and after confirming how handsome I looked, decided to retrieve the last sandwich she saved for herself and Liko in my fridge. After opening the fridge door as normally as she had done during the lunch rush hundreds of times, she froze up once more. Asking her what was wrong, she slowly reached into my fridge body, and retrieved a completely new style of sandwich we have never witnessed before.

“Do you think… it was the magnet that made the sandwich change styles?”

Liko barked in agreement, and she took my silence as acceptance of the fact. After she divided the sandwich in half to reward Liko his fair share, a stranger approached our booth, and she had looked like she had seen better days.

“I’m sorry to trouble you, and I know it looks like you have closed for the day, but if you could offer me even a tiny bit of food, I would be eternally thankful. Now, I don’t have any money I could offer in return, but-“

Without letting the lady say another word, Iva quickly wrapped up the remainder of her sandwich, and offered a bottle of water alongside it.

“Good food should be shared with everyone! Don’t worry about payment, you seem like a nice enough person, so this one’s on the house!”

A single tear wanted to escape the mysterious lady’s eyeducts, but she did all she could to hold her composure.

“Thank you young missus, your actions mean more to me than you could ever imagine. As thanks for your generosity, let me offer you a piece of advice…”

The lady suddenly became quiet, and darted her eyes to the side of her head as if to point to something. Down the alley where she was pointing, two hooded figures took note our gaze, and disappeared around the corner.

“Be careful with who comes to your shop in the future. Not everyone is excited to just be a customer.”

Before Iva had a chance to ask the lady anymore questions, she quickly turned to leave the alleyway as well. As soon as the alleyway was completely empty and Iva bid the watchful neighbor goodbye, I began to speak.

“Why did you decide to give away that last sandwich for free? It was rightfully yours, and you had nothing to gain otherwise.”

“It was never about the money, I just like making people happy! If making people happy is enough to cover expenses for tomorrow and to experiment with some new recipes, I call that a huge win!… and of course to get some more magnets for my lovely assistant,” Iva quickly added as I begun to glare. I let it go because this girl was starting to rub off on me, and I was glad that I decided to poof into existence in her kitchen among all other other places I could have emerged from.

As the day drew to an end, I wondered what the road ahead would lead. Iva clearly had talent, and she would soon outgrow this little alleyway she called her battlefield. But something about the words of that mysterious wanderer bothered me. Was there something sinister coming our way? Would I be able to do something, anything, when that day finally arrives?

“Yes, Mr. Wubsay (Eat Bresh TM ) , it appears as though we have found the key you were expecting. It was brilliant to keep an eye out for any sudden pop-up food stands exploding in popularity in the area. Yes, Mr. Wubsay (Eat Bresh TM ), we will begin the operation tomorrow. Do not worry, we will secure the key as expected, and we will not fail.”

After ending the call, the two mysterious hooded looked at each other and nodded. They owed everything to Mr. Wubsay (Eat Bresh TM ) , and would always complete their mission, no matter the cost. The misfortune of others was a small price to pay for their own salvation, and this was a lesson the little girl in the alleyway would soon learn the hard way. @homeroom11 @dragon @rolandkoronya @lainastanford @angelatseng @michellebasey @sabweld @briandesimone


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