Creative's Workshop 2020

My Life as a Refrigerator Part 2

Hiding the evidence.

Thank you for the kind words @sabweld @lainastanford @AndrewScandal! My joke story had several more arcs that internally developed after I walked away from this on Saturday, hopefully I can make them come to life.

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Day 33: My Life As A Refrigerator Part. 2

“Listen, Missy, there is PROBABLY a very good reason for all of this. If you just give me a moment to explain…”

And then we waited for what seemed like an eternity. Usually someone like a quest guide or a very helpful NPC would spawn out of nowhere and explain away the whole situation, but unfortunately this was real life, and I was very much a real fridge. Damn, so much for that.

“Ugh, I knew this fridge was too good to be true, something HAD to have been wrong with it…” the young girl sighed as she clasped her forehead with her palm.

“Hey, I resent that. You just met me, that’s some pretty harsh words for someone you don’t even know!”

As the young girl primed a sassy remark, her seething disappointment quickly turned into horror as we heard the the scariest sound known to childhood existence: your parents getting up when you are suppose to be in bed.

“Honey, is that you in the kitchen? I heard a loud crash, is everything all right?”

We both looked at each other and held our breaths. Without saying another word, we knew exactly what needed to be done: we needed to get rid of the evidence. Without hesitation, the little girl quickly scurried around the room to collect the scattered remnants of her sandwich. As she made her way to dispose of her losings at the nearest trash can, the floorboard around the corner of the kitchen creaked, and made both our hearts leap out of our chests. Acting in the heat of the moment, I flung open my fridge door and the little girl tossed inside the hodgepodge of a sandwich inside, and awaited the moment of truth. Three steps, two steps, one step more. The sound turned a corner, and we made to be no more.

Or so we thought, as a surprisingly even smaller figure entered the room, and furry one at that.

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