Creative's Workshop 2020

My Life as a Refrigerator Part 1

From one Wubsay sandwich to another.

I got a lot of hilarious responses from, so I decided to take a crack at making a quick story arc for our new and cool hero :sunglasses:

Pro2 Day 32: My Life As A Refrigerator Part 1

“Where… am I?”

I awaken to find myself in a dark room. Nothing about this room seems out of the ordinary, so I tried to think back to my last discernible memory.

I remember getting up and out of bed, awakened by a rumbly stomach from years of terrible eating habits. Deciding a midnight snack would be the quick-fix I needed to return to slumberland, I groggily sauntered towards the fridge in search of my next prey. Unfortunately, my terrible eating habits were accompanied with terrible shopping habits, and I found a mostly-empty fridge upon my arrival. An nearly empty carton of milk, some hot sauce, and a leftover Wubsay (Eat Bresh TM) sandwich. Huh, that’s weird, I thought I bought Wubsay (Eat Bresh TM) last week. No matter, the timing is perfect, so I reached out to claim my prize. Unfortunately for me, the Wubsay (Eat Bresh TM) sandwich was stuck to the corner of the fridge by some leaking honey-mustard. Mustering the strength of the legendary hero Arthur, I used my birthright to release the Sandwich in the Stone, and succeeded! A little too well I may add, as the refrigerator rocked forward and began to enclose on my tiny malnourished body. The last thing I remember was the interior light of the opened fridge door coming closer, then suddenly , darkness.

“Did I… die?”

The solace of my thoughts was quickly interrupted by something in front of me. The shadow of the small figure was approaching me, and nonchalantly grabbed my handle to open the fridge door on my body. Huh, they must be coming in to grab a midnight snack. Good for them.


No longer able to contain my scrambling thoughts, I screamed. Or more like bellowed, because I had no mouth. A gust of air collided into the tiny person standing in front of my opened fridge door, and knocked them into the opposing wall, forcibly ejecting the sandwich they weakly clapsed onto. The sandwiched exploded upon hitting the ceiling, and all its contents rained back down onto the room as silence overcame it once more.

The tiny person became dazed for a brief moment as they were trying to recompose themselves and asses what the :dolphin: just happened. Noticing that she was now empty-handed, she turned to the ceiling to watch the precious remnants of her sandwich slowly returning back to her as individual and ungraceful snowflakes. She turned to face me as tears began to well in her eyes when suddenly a sloppy and honey mustard covered tomato slapped her in the face. Her face of despair changed as the tomato slowly dripped off her face, and converted the once pitiful maiden into a fury-inducing force of nature.

“You…” the young girl pointed an ugly and accusing finger straight at me.

What the :dolphin: did you do to my Wubsay (Eat Bresh **TM) SANDWICH**???”

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My collaborators in club-sandwich crime: don’t worry, I will keep pulling ideas from your suggestions in the original prompt (I’m especially looking forward to the refrigerant death scene as suggested by @lainastanford) @sabweld @rolandkoronya @angelatseng @michellebasey @briandesimone


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