Creative's Workshop 2020

Waltzing off the Face of the Earth

My dearest lady, may I have this dance?

Day 22: Waltzing Off The Face Of The Earth*

Today my writing group challenged us to write a response to the prompt Waltzing Off The Face Of The Earth in only 8 minutes! Here is my raw and uncut first take.

“My dearest lady, may I have this dance?”

The question was rhetorical as I already knew the answer. But formalities must be followed, and this was all part of the game. Her soft gloved hand caressed my open palm, and slowly I made my way to envelop her small body within my slightly larger frame.

In that moment alone, the splendor of her vision was more magnificent than my eyes could ever dream of witnessing. A soft and radiant aura enveloped her entire being, and slowly, we begun our dance. Weeks of practicing and hardship had led us to that very moment, with sweat, tears, injuries, and less-than-polite words being exchanged over heated (but completely accidental!) incidents. You could never tell all the trials we had to overcome together to get to this moment, but I could never have gotten this far alone. Slowly we begun to move faster and faster, our steps became a blur, and the music grew louder and more frantic.

Suddenly, silence.

For just a brief moment, it was just me and my silver-haired maiden. I left all my worries about tomorrow behind. The throne could wait, because there was only one thing I wanted. To be with her like this forever, waltzing off the face of the earth.

This was a fun prompt! I actually wrote it all on paper because I am a slow typer, and I felt all the words come naturally in this short 8-minute interval. I think I will take this method going forward, I’m glad I got the chance to try this out! IMG_1885|375x500 @homeroom11 @dragon

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