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This Isn't the Answer I was Looking For

Some mistakes can only be made once.

[quote=”scott, post:126, topic:27179”] Here’s a few tips I found Googling, @mtfallsVR. [/quote]

Awesome, this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the links, Scott!

[quote=”philkastelic, post:127, topic:27179”] it is true in nearly every aspect of the soul’s journey [/quote]

Love this takeaway, thanks for stopping by, Phil!

Pro2 Day 40: This Isn’t the Answer I Was Looking For

I had traveled to a far-off land, and left everything I love behind. There was no chance at freedom from the land in whence I came, where only poverty and meager earnings separated my family and I from the next life. So I made the decision to press forward, for the chance at giving my family the life they deserved. No matter what it cost me.

My sons, my sons, oh how I love them. I wish I could have taken them with me, but the journey was long with filled with danger. I asked my mom to take care and raise them in my absence, as their mother had unfortunately passed away the year prior. I think about them everyday, it is the only thing that keeps me going in a land so far away, and so alone.

Slowly but surely, I make enough money to survive, and then some. I give all that I have back to my sons in the land I left behind. I wish I could be there with them, but I hope this is enough to give them the opportunities I never had. A chance at freedom.

Impossible. It can’t be. This has to be some cruel joke. There can be no God so awful as to allow this to be true. My sons, my sons, oh what have you done. You were suppose to listen to your grandma as you grew up,

But you did not.

Your were suppose to use that money to fund your education, your skills, your minds, and find a way out of that country, and back to me,

But you did not.

You were not suppose to use that money on booze and women.

You were not suppose to be drunk in public, and start a fight with the local gang.

You were not suppose to die before you had a chance to be free.

Not once, but twice was this mistake made. I only had two sons, but I had two sons no more.

I have no more reason to be in this foreign land. This wasn’t the answer I was looking for.

– I will be seeing my wife and sons soon.

This was a homework prompt from my VR writing group, with the prompt being “ That wasn’t the answer I was looking for.” I thought back to a sad story my dad had told me about a cousin of his who illegally immigrated to the United States, so I thought I would do it a bit of justice by sharing it.

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