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The Butterfly Effect Part 2

Millions upon millions of dollars later...

[quote=”Chen, post:81, topic:27179, full:true”] Good story! Thanks @mtfallsVR [/quote] Thanks for the kind words, Chen, but the story has only begun!

[quote=”rolandkoronya, post:82, topic:27179, full:true”] This one could be a perfect beggining of a psychological horror movie! [/quote] Well, you see, Roland…

[quote=”mtfallsVR, post:80, topic:27179”] Day 26: The Butterfly Effect [/quote]

Day 27: The Butterfly Effect Pt. 2***

What would you do if you could get back even just one second of your life?

Berwyn had just lost everything. He put all his faith into one man who promised to be his salvation, Wekesa. Hanging on to every word Wekesa uttered, as sweet as honey and as soothing as a mother’s lullaby, Berwyn did as he was told and questioned nothing about it. He cast away the bonds to the family that had loved with without condition, the connections to the friends that stood by him no matter what, and the few material dreams that kept him anchored to the material world. Through giving up everything, Wekesa had achieved his goal through his exploitation of Berwyn. His goal alone, with Berwyn fitting nowhere in the picture. Cast aside to die in some unknown jungle in El Valedor, Berwyn cursed his luck and even his very existence. He quieted himself to wait for a silent and vicious end fitting for someone who’s life was so worthless. Suddenly, a butterfly fluttered by.

A butterfly is free. They are the harbingers of fortune, the symbol of great transformation, and an envoy of the many beauties that this world has to offer. Berwyn HATED it. The butterfly mocked his very existence, taunting him with everything he could not and would never have. Rage suddenly consuming him, Berwyn’s emotions only wanted one thing: to teach the butterfly a lesson on who was truly in control. In the briefest flashes of motion, the jungle suddenly became still. Crumpled wings underneath, color slowly began to fade in Berwyn’s vision. Time grinded to a halt as the jungle became mute around him.

And suddenly, time began to rewind.

Berwyn opened his eyes once more and noted he was alone in a dark space. The only sources of light in that void were a large blank screen in front of him, and the glowing silhouette of the butterfly that once was. He instinctively knew that he ought to reach out to the butterfly, and grabbed it. Upon grabbing the butterfly, a small spherical barrier emerged to protect the fragile entity. At the same time, a small hole opened up in the space underneath the blank screen. As if inviting him to place the butterfly sphere inside, he dragged the object across the empty space and into the hole. Once inside, the screen began to play.

It was the life of the butterfly, starting from the moment that Berwyn snuffed it out of existence and playing backwards. Berwyn noted the timestamp of the movie playing, and a thought occurred to him. What if I could go back to the moment that Wekesa betrayed me, and change everything. Please. All I need is one second to make things right.

The screen understood his thoughts, and the movie player jumped somewhere towards the middle of the butterfly’s life. The butterfly orb glowed a bright blue, as if inviting itself to be crushed. Without hesitating for a single moment, Berwyn grasped the orb with all his might, and shattered it. The orb fragmented into an endless number of shards, which rose beautifully into the air and flickered out of existence. Suddenly, the empty space began to fill with light.

A new sensation suddenly began to sweep the world. “Step on any butterfly you see, and get a million dollars.” The action in of itself made no sense, and no one was really sure where the rumor originated from. But results didn’t lie, and if you happen to step on any butterfly you see, a million new Washingtons would find themselves home in your favorite checking account. People thought it was a game at first, and a fun one at that. The game suddenly fell short when players realized that stepping on butterflies was not free. This was life changing money, and some lives were worth more than others. As the world stirred into chaos for a reason it not bothered questioning, a man sat on a throne that used to belong to another man named Wekesa. He smiled as more and more butterfly orbs began to fill the space he was in. Money was cheap, and time was not. He would pay any price to get back all the seconds this world had to offer.

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